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8-day guided

Tibetan Holy Lands

Road Trip

long tour guided roadtrip from chengdu

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We have all imagined “paradise” before – a land of heaven. Well, this is the trip that is actually going to take you there. As we live and breathe, this a journey into the real Shangri-La  – Yading Nature Reserve in Daocheng County.

Stay in a Tibetan ethnic minority stockade, see their life from the inside, take a wander in the “photographer’s holy grail” of Xinduqiao and visit Sichuan’s glacial Conch Gulley.

An uplifting roadtrip journey to Daocheng Yading Reserve through the colossal landscapes of the Tibet. Meet up and Tour End in Chengdu, Suchuan.

Meet up in Chengdu city

capitol of Sichuan


Meet up in downtown Chengdu. 


Meet up day. Welcome, everyone, to Sichuan’s capitol – the city of Chengdu.

explore chengdu cbd landmarks.


Arrive early. This way you will have some time to explore. 

Tourist landmarks and activities in the downtown area of Chengdu include the Temple of Marquis, the thatched cottage of a famed ancient poet named Dufu, the Jinsha Site Museum and the Chengdu Giant Panda breeding Research Base. Alternatively, see Kuanzhai Alley, Jinli Ancient Street or Qintai street

Sichuan is known for being a laid-back kind of place. Feel the vibes strolling and exploring through the old alleys, with a drink at a teahouse by the river, or sitting for a satisfying professional earwax cleaning – a local specialty.

Chengdu is also a food capitol. Try Sichuan cuisine, Sichuan style hotpot, the local snacks.

Chengdu - Mount Siguniang - The Jiaju Tibetan Stockade in Tanba County


Breakfast. Hit the road for siguniang mountain.


Eat breakfast. Meet up. Hit the road. 
Our first destination: the Natural World Heritage Reserve of Siguniang Mountain.

Siguniang Mountain Natural World Heritage Reserve.

Arrive around noon. Eat lunch at the Reserve entrance.

Finish eating, enter the Reserve. Wander through the monolithic landscape of the ‘Twinbridge Trench’.

About Twinbridge Trench: 34 kilometers long, 400-meters above sea level, decorated on its lower points with rich, often colorful vegetation. 52 mountains over 5000 meters tall gather along either side. If “majestic super-scale scenery” exists, this has to be it.

Finish exploring. Head back to the entrance. Board the coach. 

guest house b&b Check-in: Jiaju Tibetan Stockade in Tanba County. 


From here we depart for the Jiaju Tibetan Stockade of Tanba County - a place raised by ‘National Geographic China’ as one of “China’s six most beautiful villages.

Check in. Stay the night.

Jiaju Stockade - Kangding Autonomous Prefecture - Dagong Grasslands - Xinduqiao Town


Morning light Jiaju Stockade. Ride out. 


Finish breakfast, then head out to explore.

In the village, houses have unique Tibetan design. Built onto the rise and fall of the mountainside, they climb from low in the Dajin River valley, all the way up to the just under the Kapama Peaks, scattered like pearls amongst the hillside green.

Look out and see peaks capped with white snow, the valleys deep and green, the pristine hillside streams trickling, with the thin white trails of woodsmoke that wind from village chimneys into the clean, mountain air. This place is visual inspiration.

Jiaju Stockade experienced. Board the coach and depart.

Traverse the Dagong Grasslands. Check-in: Photographer’s dreamland of Xinduqiao Town.


Ride along through the picturesque windswept grass meadows of the Dagong Grassland. We approach the photographer’s dreamland of Xinduqiao Town.

Arrive at the hotel. Check in.
3300 meters above sea level, this must-visit patch of Tibet is nothing but free and open land under a heavenly sky. No photography enthusiast can leave here unsatisfied.

Xinduqiao Town - Litang County - Daocheng County - Shangri-La City


Depart Xinduqiao at dawn. 


Depart from Xinduqiao as the sun rises.



Today we ride Highway 318. Cut through the landscape - Gao'ersi Mountain, Yalong river, Yalong County City, Scissor Bend Mountain. Climb upwards until we arrive on the alpine grassland meadows 4000 meters above sea level.

In the afternoon, transit Xiaomaoya Dam, Wuliang River, Tu’er Mountain (4696m above sea), then the site of the largest glacier in the entire Qinghai-Tibetan plateau – the Haizi Mountain Nature Reserve
By dusk, cross the thresholds of 10000-Acre Green Poplar Forest Park, Se’la Grassland, then over Bowa Mountain (4513m above sea) and down into the Redearth River valley. The route down in the river valley is a different world – scenically amazing.

Arrive at Shangri-La City.


In the evening we reach Shangri-La City
Check in. Get some rest. Tomorrow we use our feet.

DISCOVER Shangri-La: Yading scenic reserve's breathtaking sights


Yading Nature Reserve. Hotel check in.


Depart the hotel first thing in the morning on Day 5. Hop onto the Yading Nature Reserve park shuttle buggy and enter the scenic zone. 

Inside, the first stop is tonight’s hotel. 
Get checked in, drop your bags, then head out – it’s time to experience some of the best natural scenery in the world.

Luorong cattle ranch. Buddhist holy mountains of Yangmaiyong & Xialuoduoji. 


Luorong cattle ranch. Choose to hike there and you can be patting cows in around 3 hours. Alternatively, save time and energy with self-paid shuttle cart rides at 80RMB/person [return] or 50RMB/person [one-way]. 

Two colossal Buddhas sit watching over the earth from beside the Luorong ranch's grounds – the Buddhist holy mountains of Yangmaiyong* (Manjusri Bodhisattva – the Buddha of insight) and Xialuoduoji* (Vajrapani Buddhisattva – the protector and guide of the enlightened one). Stand before them. See them up close.

*The mountains are thought to be incarnates of Manjusri Bodhisattva – the Buddha of insight, and Vajrapani Buddhisattva - the protector and guide of the enlightened one. What makes the locals feel this way? Experience it!