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northern xinjiang desert sunrise moguich


Xinjiang Altay Mountain hinterlands

guided Roadtrip to far northwest china

An adventure to a land a little closer to the gods.

Take the road into the deep of Xinjiang province on an adventure featuring the epic open landscapes of Northern Xinjiang. Spend time in photogenic Kanas, Cocoa Suri Lake and Hemu Village. Visit the natural masterpieces of mountain lake Tianzan, Wucai Beach and the Urho Moguicheng desert ‘ghost town’ monoliths.

Inspiration in the great untouched Northwest of China – capture the landscape of Northern Xinjiang.

Urumqi Meet-up . Explore Urumqi's sights.


Meet-up Day in Urumqi.


Day one is meet up day. Arrive in the Western desert city of Urumqi, capitol of Xinjiang Province.

Explore Urumqi's sights..


Arrive early and explore the downtown area of this exotic city. Must-see landmarks include the Erdaoqiao bazaar markets. Another waypoint is the Xinjiang Museum (they have real mummies!).

Urumqi. Tianzan Mountain ‘Skypool’ Lake. Fukang City.


Urumqi. Tianzan Mountain ‘Skypool’ Lake.


Eat breakfast then set out.

Arrive at the Tianzan mountain reserve. Hop onto scenic park transport and ride to Tianzan mountain Tianchi, aka the ‘Skypool’.

The Tianzan Skypool scenic reserve centers on the alpine mirror mountain lake called Tianchi – aka Skypool’.


Dragon spruce forest fill the land between the lake and the mountains that embrace the lake. The lake was once called the “jade pool” for the color of its waters. The jade-water mirror reflects the colossal mountain on the far side of the lake – the World Natural Heritage peak – Bogda, of Dongtian Mountain. Chinese mythology rumors that this is where the “immortal mother” held her legendary banquet for the gods. Survey the scenery to feel why this place reminds people of the gods.

Fukang City check-in.


After a time, depart Tianzan Skypool. Arrive later at the hotel in Fukang City.

Arrive. Check in and rest.