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mt fanjing guizhou world heritage mounta


mt. Fanjing ‘SkyPillar’ 

Xiao Qi Kong Dreamland  & hinterland tribes

Roadtrip through guizhou

Three days to cut straight to the heart of China's hinterland travel Mecca.

Explore the landscape and iconic landmarks of Guizhou, starting from the world’s largest Miao ethnic settlement – the Xijiang Miao Stockade. Ascend a stone pillar that stretches into the heavens – the World Heritage site of Fanjing mountain. Hop rocks under waterfalls and skiff under the shaded canopy of a forest that grows straight out of the water at Xiao Qi Kong ‘Small Seven Holes’.

Join trendy for an adventure with surgical precision.

Meet up. Free-roam Guiyang city.


Guiyang meetup. 

Day One is meet up day. 

Make your own way to the south-central city of Guiyang. Check in at the designated hotel.

City sights.

Arrive early and you will have time to see some city landmarks. Arrive extra early and you will have time to explore Mount Qiling Park. Stay safe. Wander to your heart’s content.

City landmarks: The Jiaxiu Lou pavilion is an iconic local landmark – a pocket of calming, elegant old-time scenery that is nestled inside of but feels oddly separate from the city. The Mountain park on Qiling is all shades of green. Lively vegetation climbs off the paths and up the mountain walls. Wild rhesus monkeys sit watching from the stone eaves of Hong Fu temple. 

Breakfast. Arrive at Xiao Qi Kong. Lunch. Explore Xiao Qi Kong. Stay the night at Tongren Village.