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Silk Road Landscape & Relic caves with Sunset Desert Party

guided Roadtrip from zhangye city

The desert sands. The setting sun. Adventure.

Kick back for a drink-and-dine sunset party in the desert on this 8-day wander on the famous Silk Road.

Trace the silk road westward to the windswept fields of the Kangle Grasslands, psychedelic earth at Qicai Danxia and haunting twilight atmosphere of Moguicheng ‘Ghost Town’. Visit three great Buddhist relic cave complexes of the Silk Road – Mati Temple, Yulin Grottoes and the Mogao Caves, plus more.

meetup in Zhangye. Explore Zhangye.


Arrive in Zhangye.

Welcome to Zhangye!

Day one is meet-up day. Arrive, get to the hotel and check in.

Explore Zhangye city sights.


Visit the Ganzhou night markets in the cool of the early evening. Try a bowl of the local ‘twisty fish’ noodles, grab a handful of lamb shish kebab skewers, snack, browse and take in a night of desert city atmosphere.

Zhangye. Mati Temple. Qicai Danxia National Geopark Reserve. Danxiakou Village.


Depart Zhangye. Mati Temple.