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outdoor adventure Roadtrip from hangzhou

​Hiking, rappelling, caving, stream rafting, lake kayaking. Get outdoors and cool down on this three-day roadtrip to Qiandao Lake.

Experience beginner-level adventure caving in the wriggling karst geoform caverns of Jilong Mountain’s Wolong ‘Dragon Berth’ Cave. Take a 2-hour splash ride river rafting on mountain streams. Explore a frozen realm of still waterfalls, icicles, ice-sheet walls and solid ice pillars in the Jiangnan artificial Ice Cave, and enjoy scenic morning kayaking, plus games, guided by a pro.

All the cool Jiangnan has to offer, all on the road to the 'thousand island' lake.

Meet up. Hike. Jinniu ‘Golden Calf’ Cave. Mountain village lunch. Rockface abseiling. Wolong ‘Dragon Berth’ Cave. Tunnel exploring. Baozi Cliff. Coach to Jiande. Check in.


Meet up. Set out.


Meet up at the designated meeting point and get acquainted, then board the travel coach. Ride roughly two hours, then step out at the Jilong mountain trail mouth in Yaolin Village, Tonglu County.

Arrive. Hike. Jinniu ‘Golden Calf’ Cave. Mountain village lunch.


On the trail, we wind our way up the mountain to discover the first cave of the day – Jinniu ‘Golden Calf’ Cave. Jinniu’s caverns are spacious and open, allowing comfortable airflow, which makes them a cool natural retreat in the hotter months.

Afterwards we arrive at a mountain village. Stop to eat and have a break.

Rockface abseiling. Wolong ‘Dragon Berth’ Cave. Tunnel exploring.

Finish lunch, then experience rockface abseiling  - strap on your equipment and follow the professionals into a dramatic 40-meter abseil from the cliffs above down to the open mouth of Jilong’s ‘Dragon Berth’ Cave.

When you’re down, twist on your headlamp, turn on your GoPro, and take your first steps inside the massive limestone cavern. Past a thousand stalactite teeth, by the flash of your torchlight, follow the winding zigzag of the cavern walls.

Explore through the tunnel depths for two hours to reach the opening. Make your way to the sunlight, climb out, breathe deep and remember how much you appreciate that sky!

Cave opening. Baozi Cliff.


After Dragon’s Berth we return the equipment, reorganize the team and follow the winding mountain trail down to the large slanting rockface wall of Baozi Cliff. Descend the rockface with ropes to aid you.

Coach to Jiande. Check in.

From here our bus will be waiting just a short walk away. Climb on and settle in your seat.

Arrive in Jiande. Check in for the night.

Breakfast. Jiangnan Grand Ice Caves. Lunch. Jiulong ‘Nine Dragon’ Brook Rafting. Qiandao Lake Town. Check in.