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From the moment you book a trip with Trendy Adventurer (hereinafter may appear under the name “us"), you agree to have read the terms and conditions and our policies regarding your benefits. This contract includes all necessary information regarding tours, cruises, flights, trains, hotels, car rentals, guide rental, and any other service offered by Trendy Adventurer.


The contract also states important information regarding payment details and any fees that may apply in the case of certain events.  Important information regarding our cancellation and refund policies are as follows:


1.  Registration and conclusion of the contract


As soon as we receive your inquiry whether, by phone, e-mail, fax, or mail, you are bound by the below contract terms and conditions.

  1. The contract between two parties

The minimum age legally permitted to make a booking with our company is 18 years of age. Our entire website and its content are, therefore, accessible to and intended for only adults who are 18 years of age or older.

We may require an initial payment and/or your credit card details (e.g. type, name of cardholder, card number, expiration date and security code) to guarantee your booking and proceed forward with finalizing your booking.  This information also assists in being able to issue any airline ticket(s) and confirm any hotel reservation(s) for you. Please note that we are not financially responsible for any flight delays and cancellations reported by the airline that may cause any event ticket for your travel and entertainment in China to expire. For more information about payment methods that are available to you, please click here.


B. Modification of Contract


The terms and conditions below may be subject to change.  Trendy Adventurer reserves the right to update or cancel these terms and conditions in their entirety or in part at any time, with or without notice. If modified, the new version of these terms and conditions will be posted on our website, replacing any outdated information. Therefore, please read the terms and conditions each time that you visit our website.

By booking with Trendy Adventurer, you agree to our terms and conditions of sale and those of any hotels and airlines used during your trip.

2. Price


A. Price Component


• Train

The price includes:

- The price of the ticket.


The price does not include:

- Food and drinks onboard the train

- Snack service at the station.


Expenses for your baggage porters


• Hotel

The price includes:

- Housing and usually a breakfast buffet.

Prices given are calculated on the basis of a double room at a per night rate, unless otherwise noted. The room is typically available by 11 am and must be vacated by noon the next day.


Not included with the price:

- The deposit, which will be requested upon arrival at certain hotels.

- Personal expenses (e.g. room service, minibar, snacks, laundry, phone calls, etc.). You should be responsible for addressing these expenses before departing from your hotel.

- Additional expenses for an early or late arrival/departure.


• Cruise on the Yangtze River (Chongqing <-> Yichang)

The price includes:

- Accommodation on board the boat.

The price of housing is calculated on the basis of a two-person cabin with a private bathroom.  In the case that a customer would require a single room, an "individual cabin" will be requested instead.

- Group organized excursions and activities mentioned in your program. These activities may be subject to change by the cruise line without notice.

- Food and Beverage: A Western breakfast, Chinese lunch and dinner are served on board every day. Drinks offered depend on the policies of different cruise lines.

- The tip of 150 Chinese Yuan per person and carrier charges amounting to 30 Chinese Yuan per person.


Not included with the price:

- The deposit, which will be requested upon arriving at your cabin.

- Service charges and additional expenses (e.g. telephone calls, laundry, drinks on board that are not included as a part of your booking, etc.).  Payment of such fees will be required during and/or after your stay on the cruise ship.


• Tours


Private tours:

Generally, the price includes:

- The price of tickets to the attractions mentioned in the itinerary.

- Meals as mentioned in the itinerary.

- A professional, private guide.

- Air-conditioned private car with driver.

- Connections made between the hotels and the airport or train station.

- Hotels (price calculated on the basis of a double room) mentioned in the itinerary.  When requesting a single room, a single supplement will be charged instead.

- Domestic flights (economy class) or internal train tickets mentioned in the itinerary. All taxes such as airport and fuel are included.

- Management fees and government taxes.

- Insurance service, which are run by travel agencies.


In general, the price does not include the following:

- Cost of international transport needed to enter and leave China.

- Cost of Chinese VISA.

- Personal expenses (e.g. laundry, extra beverages, phone calls or excess baggage costs).

- Tips for guides and drivers.


Group Tours (Join-in Tours)

Usually, the price includes the following:

-  Entrance price for tickets to the tourist attractions that are mentioned in the itinerary.

-  Meals that are mentioned in the itinerary.

-  A professional guide.

-  Car with air conditioning system and its driver.

-  Connections made between hotels, airport and/or train stations.

-  Hotels (price calculated on the basis of a double room) mentioned in the itinerary. If a request for a single room is made then a single supplement will be provided.

-  Domestic flights (economy class) or train rides mentioned in the itinerary. All taxes such as the airport and fuel are included.

-  Management fees and government taxes.

- Insurance service, which are run by travel agencies.


In general, the price does not include the following:

- The cost of international transport required to enter and leave China.

- Chinese VISA fees.

- Personal expenses such as laundry, drinks, telephone calls or excess baggage costs.

- Tips left for guides and drivers.



a. Outside of the occurrence of any exceptional events, the rates mentioned above will be enforced between December 2014 and November 2015.

b. Rates for children are given upon request.

c. Outside of exceptional cases, the final payment must be made no later than 30 days before the departure date.


B. Description of the components of the price


Vehicle driver

If you book a private tour proposed by Trendy Adventurer, guides and transportation services will only be reserved for you, your group, your family and your friends. No other participants will be included in your group. If you choose a bus tour (sit-in-coach tour) then you will share the bus and the tour guide with any other participants who have also reserved their services.


Entrance tickets

The prices of tickets to any tourist sites mentioned in the program are based on the current year’s prices, which may be subject to change.



For organized tours, a western breakfast is usually served in the hotels of most cities. In remote areas, however, only a Chinese breakfast is available. In restaurants, Chinese lunch and/or dinner is served with a glass of soft drink.


Travel Guide

A local guide will accompany you in every area except for some regions without a guide or on your request. 



Be sure to take into account all transfers that are arranged for you and all of your group members between the airport, hotels and various tourist sites, considering that independent arrivals or departures systematically induce additional charges.



The price of the hotel accommodation is based on a standard double room shared by two people. If a request for a single room is placed, the single supplement charges will be required.


Airplane and train tickets for domestic travel

The price of economy class tickets for domestic flights will be mentioned in the itinerary.  Airport and fuel taxes are included in the aforementioned price. We can book a higher grade upon request, which is subject to the selected airline’s availability and cancellation insurance.


Domestic railway travel includes soft seats or berths unless special conditions are requested.


Management fees and government taxes

Management fees and government taxes imposed by cities themselves are included in the price.



The price of the on board accommodations is based on the occupancy of a cabin with two people.  In addition to the accommodations, the price also includes daily excursions and scheduled meals.


Entry Permit of Tibet

If Tibet is a location that you have chosen to be a part of your itinerary, the costs for obtaining any entry permit to Tibet are included.


C. Price Increase


We reserve the right to increase the price in case of increase in the cost of transportation (e.g. increase in fuel prices), new taxes or increased taxes (e.g. airport taxes), changes in exchange rates and value added tax. We calculate the increase on the basis of actual, additional costs until receipt of payment.


3. Cancellation and refund


We understand that in some cases you may need to cancel your planned trip to China. However, if you wish to cancel a reservation that you have made with Trendy Adventurer, then we must receive a handwritten request from you as soon as possible.

After receiving your cancellation request, we will refund you the booked services within 14 days.

All bookings cannot be canceled, however, and some cancellation fees you will be charged.  We welcome any questions that you may have about cancellation and refund policies during the booking process.

These cancellation fees will vary according to the services you have booked and will be deducted from the amount you pay.  Here are additional details.


A. The service charge


Once a reservation is made, service fees are added as a part of the transaction. If you need to cancel a tour or any other service, cancellation fees are then required. They are calculated as follows:


Number of days before the start of the service


Cancellation fee


15 days before

0% of the cost of service fees


8 to 14 days before

20% of service charges


3 to 7 days before

50% of service charges


Less than 72 hours before

100% of service fees


The service fee corresponds not only to losses for services bookings, tourist attractions and activities, but also for the services of any guides, drivers and agencies that were also designated to be provided.


In case a customer decides to cancel a tour that is in progress, the customer will not receive any refund. If the client does not attend one of the services provided because of an early departure or late arrival, no refund will be made. 

Because we know that a serious reason may require you to cancel your holiday and booking, our cancellation policy may be requested to be delayed on a case by case basis. If you want this policy to be delayed in your own case, you can simply send us your request along with evidence of the occurrence. We will do our best to help you.

If you're going through Trendy Adventurer only for transport services or housing, no service charge will be required in case of a cancellation. If your tour includes transportation, the cancellation charges for these services will add to the initial cost of the overall services. Please refer to the conditions set out below.


B. Flights

Cancellation and refund directly depend on the airline that was selected for the booking. We welcome you to carefully read the "rules and conditions" effective for different flights at the time of booking if you book such flights by yourself.  If your flights are booked by us, we welcome you to check with your travel agent about any details.

Airlines routinely ask you to pay additional fees in case of any cancellation of a flight that was previously booked. Some tickets with preferential rates are non-refundable. Flights from mainland China to Hong Kong are also subject to different rules.

Cancellation insurance for domestic flights is not automatically included upon booking a ticket with an airline. But, if you request such service beforehand, we will assist you in addressing this request.  This insurance will allow you to be better refunded in case of any cancellations.


C. Train tickets

It is difficult to cancel a train ticket already issued to a foreigner in China. Trendy Adventurer, however, will help to make any necessary arrangements, except in the case of any lacking of time that would thusly involve some costs.


These cancellation fees are calculated as follows:


Number of days before the train's departure


Cancellation fee



3 days before

20% of the total cost


72 to 48 hours before

40% of the total cost


48 to 24 hours before

60% of the total cost


Less than 24 hours before

100% of total cost


These terms apply ONLY to tickets booked for Chinese domestic trains.  Trains to Hong Kong have special cancellation policies.  During the booking process, please confirm any conditions particular to your case directly with travel agents.


D. The cruise on the Yangtze River

During certain periods of the year, the cruise on the Yangtze River is very popular.  Therefore, in some cases, cancellations requested at the last minute are not possible.

In general, any cruise line will refund the reservation less than 15 days before the start of the cruise. By placing your request early enough, you will likely receive a 100% reimbursement.


E. Hotels

Most standard hotels booked by Trendy Adventurer accept reimbursement of benefits but require a fee in return. These fees are calculated as follows:


Number of days prior to arrival at the hotel


Cancellation fee


8 days before departure

0% of the cost of service fees


Between 3 and 7 days before departure

50% of service charges


Less than 72 hours before departure

100% of service fees


If you have booked any boutique hotels or guest houses, which have homeowners with less-developed networks, it is not likely that a refund will issued, considering that these owners do not often provide a refund after receipt of payment. Nevertheless, we will try to discuss with the landlord to get the refund in part or in its entirety.


4. Modification of the route


A. If you decide to change your route


No change fee is required on our part to each change request. In addition, any changes made to the itinerary before confirming any booking is made without any additional costs.


Our goal is always to offer the best possible service.  If you want to change certain aspects of your route (e.g. add attractions, change your daily schedule, change the choice of a hotel, etc.) after the confirmation of your reservation or even during your trip, then we will do our best to respond to your requests according to the possibilities that are available.

Since any booking accommodations are always made several weeks in advance, we cannot guarantee that your requests will be met.

In the event that we are able to respond to your new request, an additional fee may be required at a larger price difference.


B. If we have to change your route


We do our best to offer you our services as presented at the time of booking. However, it may happen that we are obligated to perform certain route changes at the last minute.


In the event that a completely independent event beyond our control (e.g. a war, fire, hurricane, epidemic, health risks, dangerous weather conditions, a new law or regulation etc.) occurs, we would be forced to make route changes. If the price difference is too large, then we will ask you

if you would like to accept the additional costs.


Once there, if the guide reveals that you are not in physical condition to make the trips, we are entitled to change your route (e.g. adding a chairlift in rugged areas to ensure of a most safe passage, etc.).


If supplements are requested by a third party such as the cruise operator, airline or hotel, no fee will be charged to you.


Trendy Adventurer reserves the right to adjust the itineraries of its routes in the case of any changes in schedules and locations as a result of any events that are beyond its control and require such changes.


C. Transferring my package


If you are unable to go on a trip, you can give your package to the person of your choice, provided that he/she meets the requirements in time to participate in travel (i.e. visa, passport, etc.).

Trendy Adventurer should be informed of this fundamental change in good timing before their departure, as to make any proper provisions.



5. Payment


When paying, make sure to always specify the code of the circuit so that we receive your payment without difficulty. You are welcome to send us the bank receipt (or a screenshot from any online payment) by e-mail or fax, once the payment has been made.


Once we receive payment, all of your reservations will be guaranteed.


A. Deposit and final payment


A non-refundable deposit of US$150 per person is required at the time of confirming your booking.


All and/or the last portion of the payment will be required no later than 30 days before the departure of your tour, except in exceptional cases.


In the event that a customer reserves a tour less than 30 days before departure, full payment will be required immediately.


During late registration, all fees must be paid at registration. We are only liable for the completion of the contract and its designated services when your payment has reached us. If your payment does not reach us in time, we reserve the right to withdraw from the contract.


6. Claims


If you have a complaint to make about any of the services that you receive during any booking with Trendy Adventurer, please notify the local guide directly on the spot and tell your travel agent. We will then directly inform the local service provider so that the reported inconvenience does not happen again during your stay.


However, if you are still not satisfied and wish to make a complaint to obtain compensation, please send a letter of complaint by mail, fax or email within 15 days of the end of your tour so that your application is processed under the best conditions.  Relevant receipts and supporting documents must be enclosed with the letter.

Trendy Adventurer disclaims any liability with respect to claims made more than 15 days after the end date of the circuit.


7. Insurance


Your entire trip is covered by the Travel Agency’s Liability Insurance., the latter being directly regulated by the National Tourism Administration of China.  This insurance covers accidents that transpire as a result of any services caused by the travel agency. It doesn't cover any incidents or physical problems occurring outside of the tour period caused by clients themselves. Therefore,


We recommend that you purchase additional travel insurance in your home country before you travel abroad.  You can also inquire at your bank because some credit cards include travel insurance when a plane ticket is purchased.


8. Our responsibility


Trendy Adventurer, its agents and affiliates note its responsibilities in the contract, on our website and on the materials related to your booking. As a tour operator, we organize, market and sell tour programs consisting of a set of services such as guide service, land transport, air transport, maritime transport, excursions and accommodations that we purchase or reserve from various suppliers.


Our service providers are independent contractors and are neither representatives nor employees of our company.


Insofar as we are committed to you on booking means of air and maritime transport, we often act in the capacity of an entity that is representative of your own person; however, we don’t act in any case part of the officers concerned airlines or sea. Instead, we commit our efforts and take full responsibility for the implementation of voluntary negligent acts by our partner travel agents regarding local services.


The prices mentioned in the contract may not be modified, except if there is any variation in transportation costs, taxes or exchange rates. The agreement must provide opportunities for price adjustment (upward or downward) and the exact method of calculation, which gave rise to such revisions. If the price increase exceeds 10%, you can cancel your contract without penalty. In any case, the initial price of the contract cannot be increased in any case within thirty days prior to the date of departure.


Instead, Trendy Adventurer reserves the right to modify any errors in pricing or promotional rates, which may cause an increase to the overall price of a tour.  Such an aforementioned increase may be due to a change in the price of any plane tickets, the price of the cruise, any currency devaluation, an increase in the input prices on sightseeing, taxes and/or fuel surcharges taking place before the final payment.


In addition, Trendy Adventurer reserves the right to accept or reject any participant, to disqualify any entrant for a tour, to make changes to any route and even cancel one of its tours at any time whenever we deem that such action is necessary to ensure the comfort and/or safety of all participants. In the event of any of the situations described above, the participants will be fully reimbursed for payments made for services, which they do not receive.


Trendy Adventurer reserves the right to change a hotel, travel booking/reservation by plane, train or boat, to reroute or cancel a tour prior to departure of the latter for valid reasons and after consultation with the clients.




9. Release


Trendy Adventurer is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage to persons or some of their property due to weather conditions, fire hazards, malfunctions of machinery or equipment, a decision by the government or any other authority, war (whether declared or not), civil disturbances, strikes, riots, theft, quarantine, customs and sanitary regulations, or any other action or condition that is beyond our control.


Trendy Adventurer may be or become liable for any additional costs induced or supported by participants of the trip due to one of the elements mentioned above.

Trendy Adventurer disclaims any liability with regard to any negligent or unfair act, any omission or failure to use equipment by a supplier such as carrier, cruise operator, hotels or any third person who is not under the direct control of Trendy Adventurer.


Trendy Adventurer is not responsible in the case of any non-compliance with customs’ rules by one of its clients.


Trendy Adventurer rejects any liability for loss or theft of anything of value and/or personal item belonging to a client when such an event is due to negligence on the part of the client himself/herself.

The contract is valid only if respect for the law on the part of both parties is adhered.  If it turns out that the client has provided false information about his/her identity and/or travel documents, papers, Trendy Adventurer disclaims any responsibility for the consequences that could lead to further activities.

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